Doing things right from the start is cheaper and better than trying to fight with problems afterwards — that’s an axiom. Investing into things that are really worth it — too. Time is of an essence. Russian wine market doesn’t seem easy, but in the end it’s very clear and easy to get. There are “DOs” and there are DONTS here, but how do you know them? Well, for starters, know your market. Secondly, deal wшер the locals. Third, be smart.

How I can help you:

 1 Market communications: introduce yourself

So you’re completely new to the market. No biggie: everybody’s been there. Don’t just start sending emails here and there yet. Stop and think. There are ways to make initial contact, introduce your wines to market professionals. You know, wine advertising us banned in Russia, so even if you’re big, you can’t just go there and place an ad in Vogue. What you can do, is this:

  • Introduce yourself to market professionals (this means wine trade and somms) via targeted publications. I can help here.
  • Adapt your communications to the Russian market
  • Engage with selected importers via social media. Yeah, most of them are on Facebook, but they don’t appreciate spam.
  • Do a small tasting in Moscow. It will tell you more than you think.

2 Manage your time in Russia

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to Moscow for the first time or you’re a frequent visitor. There’s always a way to make things run smoother and faster. Right communications, negotiations and transportation can save lots of nerves and time. Communicating to Russian counterparts could be tricky and disappointing without proper preparations. Facilitating all the usual business processes is what one normally needs in this situation.

  • identify wine traders fit to carry your wines, quick-analyse the market
  • help set up and organise meetings with trade
  • personal time and schedule management while in Moscow. Making sure you manage your time and transportation in the most effective way
  • visit major wine & spirits retailers, introduce to the local wine scene (off- and on-trade visits)
  • organise your comfortable stay in Moscow (airport meetings, hotels suggestions)

3 Marketing assistance

Once you have a contract it’s not time to relax. Your importer probably has a hundred other brands to take care of, some are big and demand a lot of attention. To guarantee your brand is taken care of and to produce Russia-specific insights, it’s normally a good suggestion to ask for a third-party participation. This is exactly what we do – make sure you come to the market with ideas and have a good and productive communication with your importer, not missing important things and aspect of business.

  • Russian-language communications (web-sites, emails, offers, other media)
  • Insights into Russian wine consumers
  • Events and tastings preparation (concept, approach, materials, follow-up with consumers)
  • Social media set-up and everyday management

4 Market control

Are you already exporting to the Russian market? How do you know your importer does what he reports? The problem is bigger than you might think. Luckily, there are always ways to control better — from importer activities to brand communications. Holding those in your hands and having a third party checking that things are going as agreed with importer is a security measure to control your budgets and messages to the Russian consumers and professionals.

  • mystery shopper
  • oversee budget handling by the importer
  • events and special offers double-check

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