Anton Moiseenko

The Verdicchios money can’t buy

One might be tired of the same old story, but you know what: definitely not of the wines. The recent “Old but Gold” tasting of older Verdicchios of Marche, the region where mountains date the sea on a regular basis,

On the Rive bank

Have you already noticed (and tasted) some of those Proseccos carrying the name “Rive” on the label? Introduced in 2009, the category is supposed to bring a more terroir focus on the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG subzones, but is there a future

Why Moscow is not Hong-Kong

There are things we miss in Russia. Some of them are wine-related. Fair wine prices and a broad selection are just two of them. Looking at the astonishing rise of Hong-Kong as a world wine hub and culture, I say:

Drinking it easy in Moscow

It’s a happy time of year in Moscow: everyone’s stuck in huge traffic jams caused by snow and officials’ lousy road planning abilities. But the holiday spirit is here, everything is sold, everything is bought. Our mailboxes are full of