Time to bring your region’s wines to Russia. Seriously, it is.

If you think crisis is a bad time to enter the Russian market — you have another thought coming.

In my last article for a known European wine mag I outlined the problems of the Russia’s wine market during the times of crisis. Oddly enough, it seems that it will do a lot of good to wine business. Wine distributors with weak financials are disappearing, new wine bars are opening and Russian consumers are starting to actually think about what they choose to drink. Price and quality relation is becoming a major factor of choosing wines for many of us.

From the conversations I had with many of the market players (sommeliers, importers, salespeople and consumers) it became clear to me that I have to convey this important message to you, which in short is:

  • crisis gives great opportunities to increase communications and promote the wines of your region
  • with new bars and restaurants opening — smarter than ever — consumers are becoming more savvy about new regions with great price/quality potential
  • social media (Facebook+Instagram, specifically) is becoming the major and exciting way of communicating your ideas in Russia
  • old-school communications are getting extremely annoying and out-of-date. Provocative brand journalism and storytelling are the future.

Don’t be scared. If you’re planning to grow or sustain your positions in Russia, feel free to contact me and discuss the possibilities of communications development & promotional activities for your wine region or winery. Creativity, inspiration and attention to modern consumers are the things I like to apply to wine communications.

Bring it on!



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