Doing things right from the start is cheaper and better than trying to fight with problems afterwards. From words to wine, I came to wine through wine writing in one the leading wine magazine of Russia. Since then I was selling, telling stories, conducting wines and spirits both as an employee of established wine importers and independently. My philosophy is close to that of wine freethinkers like Terry Thiese — relaxing and joyful storytelling and managing things based on passion. The importance of ideas cannot be underestimated, but their implementation is equally important. My inspiration comes form great winemakers and great journalists. Jury member for wine competitions such as Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Vinitaly’s International Wine Competition. For years I worked for leading wine importers and distributors. Contributor to Wine Spectator and Meininger’s Wine Business International.

How can I help

 1 Market communications

— market reports on a specific wine category (e.g. Brunello di Montalcino) or a specific wine category (e.g., Malbecs), reports on consumer behaviour

— Russian-oriented communications including web-sites language adaptation

— Social media management and engagement

— Events media support in traditional and modern media

2 Meeting companion

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to Moscow for the first time or you’re a frequent visitor. There’s always a way to make things run smoother and faster. Right communications, negotiations and transportation can save lots of nerves and time. Communicating to Russian counterparts could be tricky and disappointing without proper preparations. Facilitating all the usual business processes is what one normally needs in this situation.

  • help set up and organise meetings with trade (including communication on behalf of the Client, sending preliminary emails and contacting the right people in selected companies)
  • personal time and schedule management while in Moscow. Making sure you manage your time and transportation in the most effective way
  • visit major wine & spirits retailers, introduce to the local wine scene (off- and on-trade visits)
  • organise comfortable stay in Moscow (airport meetings, hotels suggestions
  • optional: sightseeing in Moscow

3 Marketing assistance

Once you have a contract it’s not time to relax. Your importer probably has a hundred other brands to take care of, some are big and demand a lot of attention. To guarantee your brand is taken care of and to produce Russia-specific insights, it’s normally a good suggestion to ask for a third-party participation. This is exactly what we do — make sure you come to the market with ideas and have a good and productive communication with your importer, not missing important things and aspect of business.

  • Russian-language communications (web-sites, emails, offers, other media)
  • Insights into Russian wine consumers
  • Events and tastings preparation (concept, approach, materials, follow-up with consumers)
  • Social media set-up and everyday management

4 Market control

Already exporting to the Russian market? How do you know your importer does what he reports? The problem is bigger than you might think. Luckily, there are always ways to control better — from importer activities to brand communications. Holding those in your hands and having a third party checking that things are going as agreed with importer is a security measure to control your budgets and messages to the Russian consumers and professionals.

  • mystery shopper
  • oversee budget handling by the importer
  • events and special offers double-check

Write us to receive your individual rate calculation. Ask your questions: anton.moiseenko (at)

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